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Real Self Defence...

We deliver powerful training to people from all walks of life. Our system has been developed to help people of any size, age, and ability reach their full potential by becoming physically strong and mentally dominant.

We are committed to self development through physical training. We will help you build confidence and offer much in the way of help, advice, and teaching in the area of self defence, personal protection and personal development.


The System...

We have seen so much false teaching, come across so many inaccurate, dangerous, and ineffective techniques that we have decided to bring self defence and personal protection to those who want to learn something real and something that actually works.

As we don't live in feudal Japan our system does not contain any unnecessary patterns, flash weapon work, jumping spinning kicks or punches. This is not to say we have forgotten or left the traditions of our arts behind. There is real value in tradition. Our style is a blend of old and new. Not only does the system contain simple, powerful, practical techniques but it also gives you the knowledge of how to utilize them in any given situation.


The Mission...

To build confidence in people through physical & mental training that will enable a safe and fulfilled life.



  • Thursday: 1900hrs - 2000hrs (Self Defence)
  • Private sessions on request

The Forge - 5 King Richard Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0HJ

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